Of course, my name is Larry Bullard. Most of my friends refer to me as Lar-Dog; a nickname coined circa 1989 by one Steve Brown, senior Bible Class teacher and soccer coach at Brethren High School. I don't know why he called me Lar-Dog, but it seemed to stick with me for what ever reason.

Welcome to my life! I have gathered some pictures here for you to better understand me, and the experiences that shape my personality.

Autobiography is intrisically difficult. We are of course, our worst critics. Perhaps this bio would be better written from an outside perspective, but for now my own twisted psyche will have to suffice.

I am currently 32 years of age. I grew up in North Long Beach, California. I didn't grow up poor, but certainly not middle class. I did benefit from private education, but I did so at a great expense to my blue collar upbringing. I have one younger brother, to whom I enjoy the occasional deliverance of physical and psychological torture. This is of course the spoils of being the senior sibling and is done only out of love. My brother and I are very close and share many of the same friends.

My mother was born in Peru, and my father was born in Yucca Valley, CA. My mother and father are still married and are my ongoing heros in life. They are both retired and living in Long Beach, CA.

I can't seem to settle into any field of work, though I truly enjoy working with children. I have had just about every job under the sun, but my favorite occupation wasa working for summer day camps! I devoted my intellectual develpment towards social work, and was a social worker for about five years until I burned out! Now, I am working with a computer testing company. Whereas I barely had time to breath as a social worker, I now have nothing but time to ponder the frailty of the human condition, memorize poetry (my artistic side), reckon and plan my finances (my logical side), reflect (my only way to sort out the many conflicting thoughts and emotions of the last five years), and focus on the important matters of, marriage and hopefully children.

If given a few words to describe me, I would use: pensive, complex, elusive and especially malcontent! However, I am able to find most of my happiness in friendships and family. Since everyone likes to travel, I didn't really mention it until now only because I do it a lot with work. However, psychologically I have always been a bit transient.

I love and hate life, I am both excited and bored by it. I am human. Which of course, is good and bad. The cup is half empty, but at least I have more to drink. In a nutshell, thats me. I apologize for the typos and mispelling, I don't have access to a spellchecker.